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60 Years of 'Forbidden' Pleasures

At the time of its creation in 1956, Forbidden Planet was the most expensive Forbidden Planet Posterscience fiction ever made.  The MGM production team went all out, and the resulting film was a technical marvel, breaking new ground in special effects, set design, and sound.  Though it struggled to make its money back upon release, the film had staying power as a landmark of ambitious cinema.  Before long Forbidden Planet took on a new stature and influenced a generation of filmmakers and authors, paving the way for future sci-fi endeavors like Star Trek, 2001:...

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Who Really Should Have Played Dick Tracy

1990 blockbusters bruce willis detective dick tracy madonna movies warren beatty what could have been

In 1990, Warren Beatty made a big-budget adaptation of the Dick Tracy comic strip.  He cast himself in the title role, but it's clear that Bruce Willis would have been a better choice, due to his square jaw, bent nose, and tough-guy persona.  

The consummate pretty boy, Beatty didn't convince in the roll of a hard-boiled detective, and the few action scenes that he attempted were laughably light. As he proved in the Die Hard series and Last Man Standing, Willis could certainly handle the fistfights and gunplay (and even had real-life experience...

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When someone says Star Wars is overrated.

1977 corvette summer george lucas mark hamill movies science fiction star wars

When someone says #StarWars is overrated. 

Oh Yeah?

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iZombieObsessed Loves Our Merch!

fans hulu izombie izombieobsessed malcolm goodwin needs more hot sauce netflix new products rose mciver television the cw tshirts tv tv shows twitter unboxing zombies

We've recently partnered with our friends over at iZombieObsessed for a little cross-promotion.  K.M., the hostess there, recently unboxed a couple of Over Jupiter t-shirts and lauded us with compliments on their Twitter feed.  She says "Fyi these shirts are so slimming! I love and their Ts!  Love this shirt! ... kick-ass merch!"  Thanks for that!

If you're a fan of iZombie, you should definitely follow their feed and site.  It's always up to date and full of...

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At last! The X-Files Is Back!

aliens comebacks fox mulder scully tv xfiles

The past few months have been joyous for us fogies -- we saw the return of The Evil Dead, a Star Wars feature that didn't suck, and news that MST3KX Files is coming back.  We just got word that Blade Runner will get a sequel, and a new "Twin Peaks" is on the way.  But nothing compares to the anxious joy I've experienced while waiting for "The X-Files" to come back.  This is the show that got me through the desert wasteland of television that was the 1990s.  Chris Carter's epic series was the ultimate in...

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