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At last! The X-Files Is Back!

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The past few months have been joyous for us fogies -- we saw the return of The Evil Dead, a Star Wars feature that didn't suck, and news that MST3KX Files is coming back.  We just got word that Blade Runner will get a sequel, and a new "Twin Peaks" is on the way.  But nothing compares to the anxious joy I've experienced while waiting for "The X-Files" to come back.  This is the show that got me through the desert wasteland of television that was the 1990s.  Chris Carter's epic series was the ultimate in "appointment television" long before that was a thing, and I couldn't be happier to see it back on the air.   This is surely a show that will age well since all the principals have returned, and it's not a show that depends on sex appeal or hip points (though it will no doubt offer some of both.)  Carter and his production team can be counted on to supply a host of intriguing new plotlines, and we'll all be glad to see if Mulder's cooked up any new conspiracy theories.  Can't wait!  The X-Files premieres Jan. 24th after the NFC Championship game on Fox.

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