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Who Really Should Have Played Dick Tracy

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In 1990, Warren Beatty made a big-budget adaptation of the Dick Tracy comic strip.  He cast himself in the title role, but it's clear that Bruce Willis would have been a better choice, due to his square jaw, bent nose, and tough-guy persona.  

The consummate pretty boy, Beatty didn't convince in the roll of a hard-boiled detective, and the few action scenes that he attempted were laughably light. As he proved in the Die Hard series and Last Man Standing, Willis could certainly handle the fistfights and gunplay (and even had real-life experience as a private eye to bring to the part.)  Alas, a Willis/Tracy pairing didn't happen, and at this point, it's unlikely that the 60-something star would be given the part, even if there were a revival.

Dick Tracy


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