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Captain's Log: Invasion of the Retro Stars

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Invasion of the Retro Stars!When we launched Over Jupiter (overjupiter.com) my aim was to collect and sell some super cool "retro future" apparel items, putting a spotlight on the movies and TV shows that impacted my past. I cyphered that folks like me would stop by and pay some hard-earned scratch to get their own. I love so many titles that it was pretty easy at first to find shirts with images that fit the bill. You can see from the store's collection that we have lots of representation from Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, The X-Files, Twilight Zone, and Speed Racer (along with an assortment of DC Comics characters too.)  

As I started the research process, I kept bumping into splendid shirt designs for other things that are cool and/or funny Mr. Peabody & Sherman TShirtand/or retro (Bruce Lee, Monty Python, Mad Magazine, Elvis, Bewitched, Happy Days, Mr. Bean, etc.) The problem was that they didn't really belong in our main categories of "sci fi" or "comics."   This dilemma had me stymied.  I wanted to offer the shirts, while keeping true to the Over Jupiter brand. What to do, what to do?   I worried about it for a few days.  Drank extra coffee.  Pondered my options.  Spit on the ground and kicked the dirt over the spittle, and wrinkled my brow in a fit of fret.  Finally, I stopped wringing my hands, and just said, "so what" and created a category called Retro Stars & Icons -- sort of a catch-all for anything I think is cool but lives outside the normal collections we offer.  So with that in mind, I hope you enjoy Retro Stars & Icons.  If you read this blog post all the way to the end, consider yourself rewarded: now you know that you can use the coupon code "RETROSTARS" and save a whopping 15% off anything you order.  (Bonkers!)  Go get 'em!

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